It’s been just 2 days shy of a month since launching, and it has already been quite the journey! All of the articles that we’ve written here are always about actionable concrete knowledge to do with the business of photography, so I thought that I would give that a break today and share an update with our readers as to what’s been happening here at Sprouting Photographer. A re-cap of our “first month birthday”, if you will, as well as ways that you can connect and engage with us if you wish to get more involved.

Sprouting Photographer on Facebook

If you haven’t already done so, we would love it if you would connect with us over on our Facebook page. We’re always sharing the latest news and updates over there, as well as asking questions about upcoming content and using it as a sounding board for topics and article research. Here’s one post that we had over on the page, in specific, that received a lot of attention and some great feedback. This is an embedded Facebook post so you can interact with this post, inline, right here in the article:

We have grown our Facebook page in just under a month from 0 “likes” to close to 700 “likes” now, and we’re very proud of that! Social Media is a big part of our strategy to reach more photographers, and so it’s nice to see that our efforts are paying off! If you’re already on our Facebook page, then thank you! If you aren’t … well what are you waiting for?! 

Sprouting Photographer Podcast


As I’ve mentioned before in this introductory episode of the Sprouting Photographer podcast, I personally love podcasting as a medium for consuming content. I have been listening to podcasts consistently for about 8 years now, and it’s always been one of the most enjoyable forms of content for me. I like it because it’s “passive” media in one sense in that I can listen to content while doing something else (i.e. exercising, driving, mowing the lawn), but it’s also long-form content in the sense that you can really dive deep into topics that you may otherwise not be able to do so with. Listening to a 40-minute podcast episode is easy, whereas reading a blog post or article for 40-minutes would be hard to come by.

Some of my personal favourite podcasts are:

For the Sprouting Photographer podcast, we launched our first episode less than 2 weeks ago in the iTunes Store and the podcast has since taken off like crazy! We have had well over 1,000 downloads and subscriptions, and we have been featured on the front page of iTunes consistently for 2 weeks in the “New and Noteworthy” section. This is a huge accomplishment that we’re very proud of!


We have also had many of our listeners leave some great reviews and feedback in iTunes, which we are very grateful for as this helps show iTunes that our content is appropriate and enjoyable. If you listen to the podcast in iTunes and are enjoying our show so far, we’d really appreciate 30 seconds of your time by leaving a review in the iTunes Store. You can leave a review for us yourself by visiting the podcast in iTunes here, clicking “View in iTunes” and then going to the “Reviews and Ratings” tab. Here are a couple of the reviews that our listeners have left for us:


For the podcast, I have been honoured to have been able to have a conversation with some of my personal heroes and we have had some amazing conversations that I know will help you further your photography business. I have had the pleasure of speaking and interviewing Dane Sanders, David Beckstead, Andrew Funderburg from Fundy Software (episode coming up this week), Mike Colon (coming up in a couple of weeks), Ryan Hanley (coming up soon), and I have a ton more interviews lined up to share with you! I am very excited!

Guest Blogging and Guest Features

It has been my privilege to have been able to be be featured on a number of other blogs, websites, podcasts and shows over the past couple of weeks for Sprouting Photographer. Here are a few of them that I thought you might be interested in checking out:

Action item:

You know we love our follow-up and action items! First, we’d appreciate if you would spread the word about Sprouting Photographer and If you know any photographers who are looking to grow their business and want some real-life, down-to-earth, actionable business insights, then this is the place for them! Please share any and all of our free articles and tools. You can also CLICK HERE to send out a pre-populated tweet with your Twitter followers to show your support. Second, if you want to stay in touch and up-to-date, below are the ways that you can do so.

Stay in Touch!

Thank you again for your support, for your feedback and for sharing what we’re doing here at Sprouting Photographer. If you’d like to keep in touch, here are the best five ways to stay up to date and be sure that you don’t miss anything:

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