Marketing mechanisms for your photography business

Episode #93: Interview with Molly Marie (45 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Exhibiting
  2. running promotions
  3. same-day viewing
  4. email marketing

Molly Marie

Wisconsin's Premier Women's Portrait Photographer

Molly Marie is the owner of Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s premier boudoir studio. Through a passion for photography and a desire to help women discover their inner and outer beauty, she has cultivated a strong business presence in the area and looks forward to sharing what she has learned with you!

Molly’s love for photography started in the high school darkroom with a photography class. She immediately identified with the creativity, imagination, and ingenuity involved with photography and thought to herself – who wouldn’t want to do this for a living? So, during college, at the age of 19, and with $0.81 to her name, she built a website and kicked off her photography business. Through hard work, dedication, and the appropriate marketing strategies, Molly has successfully taken a humble beginning and turned it into six figures annually.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How to transition from shooting a variety of genres when just starting out to focusing on a specific genre in your photography business.
  • Overcoming the hurdles of marketing with sensitive images like boudoir.
  • The benefits of exhibiting and the importance of getting out to events like expos, tradeshows and women’s nights out, to get a chance to talk to women one-on-one, and build trust with your boudoir clients in-person.
  • How to make the most of exhibiting your business at expos or tradeshows.
  • The impact of giving a tangible item or “gift” for booking a session at a tradeshow.
  • Tips for attracting and booking new clients at expos or events.
  • How to be benefit-based and very observant in your sales methods during a tradeshow.
  • How you may be able to benefit from having a promo video made for your business.
  • Tips on designing specials or promotions to run at tradeshows to increase on-the-spot bookings.
  • Concrete ways you can incorporate SAME-DAY viewing and ordering sessions into your business to greatly increase your sales.
  • The “Rule of 3” and how it helps you properly set your clients’ expectations.
  • Explanation of the structure and stages involved in a full-service boudoir photo session.
  • Solid examples of pricing and packages for boudoir photography.
  • Tips on how to almost always upsell from your base packages – make the client want more.
  • A review of the rooms and spaces within a home where you can recommend your clients hang their boudoir prints.
  • Rule of thumb – NEVER surprise your clients with your prices – be upfront while continuously establishing value.
  • How a deposit-turned-print credit structure can create a lower barrier-to-entry as well as help you encourage clients to purchase prints.
  • How to find the right expos to register with, which will provide the greatest return and exposure for your business.
  • The importance of networking and being a part of organized groups in your niche.
  • Using the client experience to build a great relationship with existing clients and establish trust with new clients.
  • Designing a referral program for your clients – offering gifts in exchange for referrals.
  • Molly’s take-away message regarding email marketing and newsletters – people do not want to join your newsletter.
  • Facebook ads are a great way to market by allowing you to create a custom audience and target ads to certain demographics, i.e. individuals celebrating anniversaries in the next two months, etc.

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