How to develop a strong marketing plan to maximize the customer experience and get guaranteed referrals

Episode #90: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (43 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Marketing Schedules
  2. same-day slideshows
  3. online galleries
  4. client touch points

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Ways to market during the week of the wedding which enhances the customer experience and also benefits your business.
  • The importance of thinking of the customer experience as a form of marketing.
  • Building a systematic approach to marketing the week-of the wedding including:
    • before the wedding
    • day of the wedding
    • week after the wedding
    • moving forward following the wedding
  • Before the wedding be sure to touch base with your couples and send a pre-wedding questionnaire.
  • Tips and Tricks on how you can incorporate or improve the same-day slideshow.
  • How you can use “reception cards” and simple 10-page “honeymoon albums” to make it easy to share your work and expand your reach.
  • Ways to easily utilize an assistant to their full potential on the wedding day to improve your efficiency and productivity.
  • Being intentional and keeping in mind you need to deliver “delight and surprise” to your clients throughout the process.
  • The importance of having an intentional marketing schedule and how to design a system that works for you.
  • Examples of ways to meaningfully interact with your couple on social media within the week of the wedding.
  • How to use your blog and preview gallery to make the client start to think about their wedding album early on and encourage album sales.
  • Encourage your clients to market for you by using online galleries and sticky albums to encourage your clients to share your work and market for you.
  • The importance of getting your digital proofs out within a week of the wedding to capitalize on the excitement and emotion from the wedding day.
  • Examples of ways to create multiple touch points to regularly pull your clients, their family & friends, and your other followers to your blog and website.
  • Tips on how to maintain and continually repeat that “wow” moment for your clients.

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