How to make the most out of working with a videographer

Episode #80: Interview with Rob Adams (42 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Collaboration
  2. professionalism
  3. dynamic imagery
  4. marketing videos

Rob Adams

Wedding Creative Content Producer and Owner of Rob Adams Films

Rob’s wedding films are recognized around the globe for their gorgeous imagery as well as the way they unfold on the screen. He has spent 15 years honing the craft of telling each bride and groom’s story with visual beauty, glorious sound, fully-licensed music and sophisticated editing and specializes in the use of high-end cinema cameras, support and audio gear to achieve his means. Rob documents every style of wedding — from vintage events with rustic details to million dollar celebrity weddings with elegant ceremonies. He also travels the world teaching his craft to other cinematographers and budding filmmakers. He is married to professional NJ wedding photographer Vanessa Joy of Vanessa Joy Photography.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The challenges and demands of shooting a celebrity wedding.
  • How photographers and videographers can best work together at an event.
  • How to minimize any potential conflicts by communicating with each other beforehand.
  • How a willingness to cooperate (or lack thereof) reflects on your professionalism and reputation.
  • How to properly “share” the couple on the wedding day.
  • Static vs. dynamic imagery and its effect on your relationship with a videographer.
  • How to put your client in situations that work for both photographer and videographer.
  • The importance of coming out of your comfort zone and using the collaboration to produce something unique.
  • Should you be introducing video fusion elements into your photography business?
  • How you can use a “behind the scenes” video to market your business.
  • Why it makes sense to hire a videographer to make this video to highlight who you are and what you do vs. shooting it yourself.
  • Rob’s reflections on the future of photography vs. videography including some philosophical and technical differences between the two which secure their permanence independently.

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