How to build your vendor network as a photographer

Episode #79: Interview with J Sandifer (46 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Networking
  2. vendor relationships
  3. in-person education
  4. marketing

J Sandifer

Recovering Wedding Photographer and Founder of LulaWed

J lives and breathes the wedding industry. He caught the startup bug, from 2003 – 2011, helping 2 different wedding businesses grow and ultimately be acquired, the 2nd by Wedding Wire. J has photographed over 100 weddings and brings that intimate experience to the table to help others grow their wedding related businesses. He’s a big thinker, understands how technology works and has a passion for marketing great things.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The changing face of the wedding photography industry and how the digital age is expanding the potential reach of your images.
  • The importance of networking and building relationships with other vendors.
  • The importance of using any momentum from the event and being proactive to release your photos in a timely fashion.
  • How to avoid falling into the social media trap on the wedding day and focus on being there for your clients.
  • Ways to make the vendors you are working with your dream marketing team highlighting the importance of collaboration.
  • How to make a stylized shoot work for you.
  • Purposeful and intentional networking and marketing as it relates to your photography business.
  • The importance of connecting on a personal level with your vendor network, not just on social media.
  • The process of building a relationship with a new vendor.
  • How attending in-person education is beneficial for you and your business.
  • The value in networking and building relationships for sustainability and growth – no matter where you’re at in your business.
  • How to narrow down the vendors you network with to get the most out of the relationship and attract the right clients.
  • Being proactive in your marketing and sharing images during key times of the year in the industry cycle.
  • Reworking your marketing “budget” to encompass your time networking and sharing images.

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