How you can generate buzz to grow your business

Episode #59: Interview with Jennifer Blakeley (43 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Earned media
  2. generating buzz
  3. press releases
  4. mastering media interviews

Jennifer Blakeley

Celebrity Newborn Photographer and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Jennifer Blakeley is an award winning entrepreneur and newborn photographer, situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Jennifer is the owner, founder and photographer behind Alphabet Photography Inc. the famous letter art company that has gained international media recognition in outlets including: CNN, ABC World News, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The View, The Tyra Banks Show, The Ryan Seacrest Show and many others. Jennifer was also recently featured in Woman’s World magazine.

In 2009 while expecting her first child, Jennifer experienced a rare complication during her pregnancy that left her with permanent vision loss in her right eye. Although Jennifer’s vision in her right eye was hindered, it did not stop her from pursuing a further career in photography. The experience actually forced Jennifer to re-evaluate her direction in life, and following the healthy birth of her daughter Brooke, Jennifer launched a maternity and newborn photography studio. Although Jennifer is now visually impaired in one eye, she has photographed hundreds of newborns – proving that her passion for photography has outweighed the obstacles in her life.

Jennifer now shares her experience through social media tools such as facebook and twitter, where her nearly 30,000 fans and friends support and encourage both her Alphabet Photography and her Newborn photography ventures. Jennifer works closely with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, inspiring and encouraging others with vision loss to overcome their disabilities and pursue their passion.

Jennifer is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers Association of Canada, has been listed on the Canadian Woman’s PROFIT list three years in a row, and as won many notable awards for her entrepreneurial ventures. She runs her business from her home in Niagara Falls where she is a stay-at-home Mom and loving wife.

Highlights of Career Achievements

Giving Back

Jennifer has volunteered her time to not-for-profit organizations in the Niagara Region over the years including working with the Niagara Falls Rotary TV Auction, Community Care in St. Catharine’s to launch a successful food drive that was able to contribute over 500 pounds of canned food to Community Care, as well as Niagara Community Outreach. Jennifer has worked with National non-profit organizations including Children’s Wish, The SPCA, The Dover Court Boys and Girls Club, Adoption Canada and currently Gymnastics Canada.

Jennifer has donated more than $100,000 back to various charities across Canada over the past three years and continues to work closely with various non-profit organizations.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How starting out in one career doesn’t mean you won’t find your way back to your passion.
  • How having the idea of Alphabet Photography started with nothing and blew up into more than she ever imagined.
  • Why experiencing a life-changing event, like Jennifer’s vision loss, can head you back in the direction you know you’re meant to be in.
  • Why there is never a reason to make excuses on not following your dreams.
  • What are Jennifer’s tips for getting Earned Media.
  • Why being newsworthy is the #1 thing any business has to be in order to generate media attention.
  • Examples of different and unique things that bring Earned Media to Jennifer, as well as other photographers.
  • Tips on being unique and creative.
  • How media and press has changed with the evolvement of technology.
  • How to get attention and earn the press that you’re looking for.
  • What is Tactical Perspective and where should photographers spend their attention to get press.
  • Why formatting and releasing a press release that is attractive for the media is important.
  • How to nail interviews photographers give in the press to make it successful.
  • Why acting on ideas you may have is critical to grow your business and gain attention.
  • In order to achieve success you have to be ok with the idea of failure.


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