How you can benefit from partnership marketing as a photographer

Episode #51: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Doug Box (36 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Third party promotions
  2. partnership marketing
  3. relationship building
  4. in-person sales

Doug Box

Educator, Writer, Photographer, and Marketing Genius.

Doug has taught at seminars and conventions in all 50 states in the U.S. plus 8 countries. He has written six books on photography published by Amherst. He is only one of four people in the history of PPA to earn over 1,000 PPA Merits and is an invited member of the prestigious CameraCrafstmen group, one of only 40 in the world.

Doug is Past President of Texas Professional Photographers Assoc. and currently the Executive Director of TPPA and has served on the Board of the Professional Photographers of America, while being an award-winning photographer who has owned very successful studios in Houston, Brenham and Caldwell, TX.

He is now the owner of Texas Photographic Workshops, an internationally recognized educational facility where he and his wife LaVelda host photographers from around the country teaching all levels of photography.


Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Benefits of third party promotion.
  • Why picking the partner you will use for a third party promotion is key to the success of the promotion.
  • Why being a good marketer is the key to being successful with your photography business.
  • What you can focus on everyday in order to not let a marketing activity pass you by.
  • How piggybacking on someone else’s database in a third party promotion is key.
  • How to present the promotion in conjunction with your third party partner.
  • Why it is important to do a pre-portrait planning Session with a client who comes to you through a third party promotion.
  • Why partnership marketing is so critical.
  • How to find vendors and partners for your photography niche.
  • Examples of successful partnership marketing efforts.
  • Why having consistent specials appeals to clients.
  • Why to never give discounts, but instead focus on “bonuses”.
  • Why spending too much time behind a computer instead of being visible will hurt your business.
  • Advice to photographers on how to jumpstart their business.

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