Find your definition of success as a photographer

Episode #44: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Sandy Puc (57 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. How to grow your business
  2. charitable marketing
  3. staying true to yourself
  4. handling business hiccups

Sandy Puc

Educator and Speaker

Sandy Puć, an internationally acclaimed photographer and businesswoman, delights in sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion for photography through her many US speaking engagements, international tours, and her educational website, Sandy Puc’ University. A 20+-year veteran of photography, Sandy served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Photographers of America for many years. She holds the prestigious titles of Print Master and Explorer of Light from Canon USA.

Sandy’s commitment to community inspired her to found the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation ( She received the Framed Network’s 2012 Humanitarian of the Year award for her work with NILMDTS, and her humanitarian efforts were also recognized by L’Oreal Paris, who named Sandy a 2012 Woman of Worth.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Finding your definition of success.
  • How to grow your business, skill sets and style.
  • How charitable work can increase business growth.
  • Different marketing efforts that can help build networking opportunities.
  • How the chaos of early business mistakes and missteps can help you learn and move forward.
  • How the leap from working out of your home to a new studio can affect your business.
  • How changing business tactics (increasing prices or taking salary out) can help business grow.
  • Why learning your passion early for what you want to photograph will help your business long-term.
  • How hiring employees can change your business model.
  • Why bringing on another photographer in your business can help or hinder, depending on your goal.
  • How creating solid marketing efforts can result in consistent repeat and referral business.
  • Why goodwill campaigns and cause-related marketing can be a huge business booster to build your brand.
  • How kicking up business knowledge and refining small business details can help alleviate business stressors.
  • Why initial low-profit sales may benefit your business long-term.
  • How making smarter business decisions can help with work-life balance.
  • Why bigger isn’t always better and can overwhelm to the point of overruling your life.
  • How handling business downfalls can help prioritize your goals.
  • Why personal projects can help bring your passions back into focus.
  • 3 keys that can help you grow in your business.
  • How being true to yourself and finding your own daily happiness is critical to success.

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