Sprouting Photographer Podcast is all about the business of photography. Episode #43 of the podcast features an interview with Kevin Kubota.

Discussion topics include: Creating business keywords, brand awareness and personal projects.

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Kevin Kubota is a photographer, educator, and author with photographic roots reaching over 30 years deep. He has been featured in American Photo magazine as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World and was named one of Nikon’s Legends Behind the Lens. He was awarded the Monte Zucker Humanitarian Award, and he is recognized as one of the Most Influential People by Shutter Magazine. His passion for educating photographers inspired, a resource for software, training, and creative hands-on workshops.  Kubota Image Tools provides actions and has a strong reputation for providing quality products and tools to enhance and control his customers’ businesses.

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Discussion Topics

  • How embracing internet marketing can help in the success of your business.
  • Why key wording yourself is “key” in standing out.
  • Why being focused is imperative in today’s market to stand out.
  • How to identify exercises in your business to discover what makes sense for your brand.
  • How pulling 10 images from your portfolio for review will help to identify your keywords.
  • Using your top 3 keywords to ensure your current brand reflects your goals.
  • How to create a “main brand” while still pursuing other interests you have, creatively.
  • How personal projects can help you grow your photography business, as well as your own horizons.
  • Why challenging yourself and trying new techniques will lead to potential new income avenues you wouldn’t have expected.
  • How personal projects prevent burn out and create excitement about your business.
  • How sharing your personal projects publicly can make you more interesting to clients.

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