Sprouting Photographer Podcast is all about the business of photography. Episode #36 of the podcast features a discussion with Bryan and Rob.

Discussion topics include: customer experience, relationships, differentiation, proof, expectations and communication

Show notes for episode #36 can be found at www.SproutingPhotographer.com/36

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Discussion Topics

  • Why price should be less than relevant in your market.
  • How comparing yourself with other photographers isn’t a great metric.
  • What “price” really is.
  • Why your price needs to be a great value.
  • The 6 steps to not competing on price, and how they happen twice.
  • How you can judge whether or not you’re giving a great experience.
  • Why you should have a “code of conduct” in your photography business.
  • You don’t have to become best friends with your clients.
  • Why “different” is better than “better” with your photography.
  • How differentiation is the the “marriage” between your art form and how you carry yourself.
  • How offering a radically different product can give clients something to remember you by.
  • The two ways you can “prove” yourself to your clients.
  • The importance of practicing  your communication skills.
  • How to attach stories to the ideas we wish to communicate.
  • How you need to prepare for conversations.
  • How to gauge the success of your “movement” to not compete on price.

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