Sprouting Photographer Podcast is all about the business of photography. Episode #35 of the podcast features an interview with Mimika Cooney.

Discussion topics include: Work life balance, network marketing and creative advertising ideas.

Show notes for episode #35 can be found at www.SproutingPhotographer.com/35.

About Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney is a South African born international award winning photographer, Creator and TV Host of “Mimika TV“, published author, speaker and small business marketing expert. She enjoys sharing her business marketing and photography knowledge, both online and at workshops, to other professional photographers and small business owners. She owns a residential portrait studio specializing in beauty, glamour and baby portraiture based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mimika received her photographic training in England and is accredited licentiate by the British Institute of Professional photographers (BIPP) and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).

Mimika published her first book Boutique Baby Photography: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Success in Maternity and Baby Portraiture” is available on Amazon and bookstores worldwide.

Her second book “Newborn Photography for Boutique Photographers” is due out September 2014.

Mimika’s work has appeared on television on an American PBS TV documentary “Newborn Birth Injuries: the Untold Story”. Mimika has worked as a live on-air television broadcaster hosting a morning breakfast magazine show “York Today” in York, England, and has experience in the modeling and TV industry. She received television broadcaster/presenting training in South Africa from Nadia Bilchick (current CNN news anchor). Her training in public speaking, make-up application, TV broadcasting and model posing has proven useful in her photography and speaking projects.

She travels the world to speak at professional photography conventions training other professional photographers and small business owners in both the USA and UK. She has spoken three times at the prestigious SWPP photographic convention in London, England.

Mimika has worked and owned four businesses in three countries in South Africa, England and the USA. With experience in website design, online marketing, public relations and business administration in South Africa and England; she has been a specialist portrait artist and photographer for 10 years and online marketer.

Mimika has been mentored and undergone training by the photography and business industries most renown authorities like Sarah Petty, Michael Port and David P. Macdonald. She now focuses on teaching, speaking and writing to share her knowledge with the world.

Mimika’s new passion and focus is teaching solopreneurs, creatives and photographers the fundamentals of business and marketing through her online membership site “Capture School” www.captureschool.com

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Discussion Topics

  • The importance of re-inventing  yourself.
  • Why focusing on a genre that you love isn’t enough, and how you can figure out where to focus in on.
  • Why you want to have a firm direction on what you’re trying to achieve.
  • How you can find areas to market in by asking yourself “where do my clients go to?”
  • How exactly you should spend your next $500 on advertising.
  • How to approach business owners for collaboration marketing.
  • How to build momentum with your partnership marketing.
  • Why you may not want to have a retail/commercial space for your photography business.
  • What does success mean?
  • How to have a “work-life” balance when your studio is in your home.
  • The importance of scheduling.
  • The importance of choosing your clients.

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