331: James Wheeler – How to Improve Social Media Followers Using Hashtags

Episode #331: Interview with James Wheeler (18 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Social Media
  2. hashtag
  3. increasing followers
  4. tools
James Wheeler

James Wheeler

co-founder of Photerloo

James Wheeler is an amateur photographer and co-founder of Photerloo, a website for photographers that simplifies uploading, posting and managing photos across multiple photography, social media, and microstock sites.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Photerloo is a social media tool for photographers. It helps you post photos and manage your photos on multiple social media platforms and on stock websites.
  • Keywording and hashtagging are extremely important if you want to gain more followers and if you want people to find your images more easily.
  • Having more hashtags can help increase the number of followers on Instagram. The strategy can also get you into the top section of Instagram’s results page.
  • Go for hashtags with 80% popularity. There will be lesser competition but enough traffic. The name of your geolocation can also help you improve your target market reach.
  • The more likes and comments your photos get compared to others who are using the same hashtag, the more likely you are to nab the top post spot.
  • Using both consistent generic hashtags and new hashtags that are specific with the image would be a good approach.
  •  Come up with a list of Instagram hashtags to use by checking out what others in your niche are using.

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