330: Bryan and Rob – Tactics for Photographers to Elevate their Perceived Value

Episode #330: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Value
  2. product
  3. audience
  4. pricing

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Everyone has a different set of priorities and values on things.
  • Perceived value is not about the status, it’s about the feeling that a particular thing gives to the person.
  • Perceived value does not convey reality.
  • Story branding increases the value of things.
  • In every product, there will always be an audience that perceives its value.
  • People think the higher the price, the better the quality.
  • There’s an increase in level of appreciation if the people are paying.
  • Bringing up the price is a shift of focus.
  • If people knows there’s a less of something, the perceived value goes up.
  • Giving proof will establish trust and credibility.

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