324: Marc Silber – Using the cycle of photography to improve your basic skills

Episode #324: Interview with Marc Silber (31 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Visualization
  2. equipment
  3. capturing
  4. processing

Marc Silber

Award-Winning Video Producer, Photographer and Educator

Marc Silber is an award-winning professional video producer, photographer, and photography educator who has been successfully working in the field for decades. Marc combines his passion for the visual art of photography with his love of life.

Marc has embraced the digital age with a highly popular YouTube show called “Advancing Your Photography,” which has won several Telly Awards and other recognition for his work there.

This book is a distillation of all the pro tips and wisdom in the YouTube series, in a format you can take with you and refer to constantly when you are out taking your photographs.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • It’s never too late to go back and refine the basics of photography.
  • You should always been open to learning new things and improving.
  • Business and photography are always changing.
  • Before you press the shutter, you should have a vision of what you are trying to capture.
  • Be prepared and know your equipment well; you don’t want to risk losing a great shot.
  • How you capture is broken up into a few different parts: composition, lighting and your ability to work with people.
  • Use your people skills to help clients forget that the camera is there.
  • It’s important to brand yourself and offer something unique that will make you stand out.
  • It’s never a bad idea to have someone help you edit your work; they may pick up on things you overlooked.

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