321: Michael Sasser – Using Video to Build Relationships and Promote Your Business

Episode #321: Interview with Michael Sasser (32 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Building relationships
  2. creating purpose
  3. video testimonials
  4. vendor videos

Michael Sasser

Boudoir Photographer & Videographer

Michael specializes in boudoir photography after previously photographing weddings, high school seniors, children’s sports and shooting wedding videography. To Michael, boudoir photography is about acceptance of your beauty. He moved his business to Los Angeles and has enjoyed teaching many photographers how to improve their brand, make connections and earn more using video in their business.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Use video as a tool to connect with other businesses and vendors to build relationships.
  • Instead of written testimonials, get video testimonials from clients; future clients typically establish a stronger connection by being able to see reactions and hear stories.
  • Before making a video, figure out its purpose. Such as building trust, showing an experience or connecting with vendors.
  • If you’re new to video, testimonials are a great starting point.
  • When shooting video testimonials, warm up clients by asking them generic questions. Follow up with a series of questions related to their experience with you so it’s more conversational.
  • Think backwards; ask the appropriate questions to lead clients into the answers you would like them to say.
  • If you give your clients an incredible experience, they will want to give you an amazing review and their excitement will be natural.
  • Create videos for vendors that showcases their work as well as yours. This allows them to market for you since they will likely share your content.
  • When creating videos for vendors, it is recommended to brand it around their business and not yours. It’s more powerful when they recommend you vs. seeing your branding in the video.
  • Video is not as intimidating as it may seem. Learn how to successfully execute these strategies in Michael’s video course.

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