320: Bryan and Rob – Free course coming soon – 5 steps to help you book more clients

Episode #320: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (26 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Strategy and tactics
  2. attracting awareness
  3. developing desire
  4. encouraging engagement

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Popular podcast, Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, will be coming back to SproutingPhotographer.com in the coming weeks.
  • A new free course will soon be available on the site and will be an in-depth guide that will help educate on strategy and tactics to help photographers book more clients.
  • Marketing tactics can vary from market to market and photographer to photographer. It’s important to break down your process before taking action so you can optimize your results.
  • When trying to get to a place where you are booking more clients, take the time to work backward to figure out the logical flow of the steps your clients in their purchasing journey.
  • If you are casting a wide net when trying to market to clients, you will eventually need to take time to narrow down the clients that work best for you. It often makes more sense to target more strategically from the start.
  • Knowing what your ideal customers are doing, thinking and feeling can help you get to a point where you are booking more clients.
  • Transition interviews are a great way to get into your clients’ heads and figure how they were feeling during the booking process.
  • Develop desire in your potential clients by creating intrigue through the branding on your website and social media presence.
  • Website contact forms can be tweaked and customized to increase the likelihood of getting interested responses from potential clients.
  • If you can understand the ingredients that go into the recipe of booking clients, you can easily tweak your process by breaking it down properly and in turn book more clients.

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