315: Bryan and Rob – 5 Reasons to collect feedback from your clients and improve your business

Episode #315: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Setting expectations
  2. making improvements
  3. checking temperature
  4. giving a better experience

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Based on our surveys, only 35% of photographers are currently collecting feedback from their clients.
  • Some photographers may think they are doing great and might not have a complete understanding of how to give a consistent customer experience to their clients.
  • Other photographers might be afraid to ask for feedback in fear of certain results that they may not want to hear.
  • It’s important to open yourself to feedback so you can close the gaps where you may be losing or confusing potential clients.
  • Use your feedback loop to set expectations for your clients. It’s easy to forget that your clients are not as well versed in the photography process as you may be.
  • Perform transition interviews in between milestones with your client. Use the feedback to adjust your process for future clients or even future sessions with your existing clients.
  • Collecting feedback helps you identify broken parts of your system that you may not see yourself.
  • Be aware of the appropriate time to collect feedback. Use the elements of delight and surprise that you offer your clients to elicit a review or referrals for other potential clients.
  • The fear of rejection can often stop someone for asking for feedback. Do your best to overcome the fear. If you don’t ask you may not ever receive the valuable feedback your business needs.
  • Larger corporations ask their customers for feedback all the time. It’s easier for photographers to create a feedback loop because they have more of an emotional connection to their clients.

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