314: Ashley Siegert – The wonder of birth photography and how to break into it

Episode #314: Interview with Ashley Siegert (34 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Breaking into birth photography
  2. seeing the value
  3. pricing models
  4. building the industry

Ashley Siegert

Birth Photographer

Ashley Diamond Siegert is a CPP, Cr. Photog, and a birth, portrait, and commercial photographer based in College Station, Texas. She fell in love with shooting births after her very first client delivered in front of her camera in 2014. The experience of being present when life comes into the world is unmatched and the rise in popularity of birth photography could not have come at a better time for her business. She has now structured her company around a Birth and 1 Year Portrait program that keeps her marketing costs low and her clients returning for up to 4 sales sessions in a year.

After watching literally hundreds of hours of online education, and shooting births for 4 years, she realized that there is no comprehensive online education for birth photographers. So she got to work producing The Ultimate Birth Photography Resource. Ashley is so excited to start breaking down fears that photographers may have about adding birth coverage to their businesses and spread the word that birth photography can be life changing for not only clients but for photographers themselves, as they raise their bottom lines and experience some incredible moments.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • People are so interested in sharing the joyful moments of their lives, especially on social media. Birth photography is a natural fit for this concept.
  • Birth photography can fulfill your creativity, as no birth experience will ever be the same. It’s not as monotonous as weddings can sometimes be.
  • Birth photography is one of those things that clients might not realize will hold so much value until they have experienced it.
  • Having a photographer in the birthing room allows clients to have a fully documented experience that they might not obtain on their own due to the experience being so momentous.
  • When determining how to price your birth photography services, think about including it as part of a one-year or newborn package. Upsell the birth session.
  • When pricing, know ahead of time what your costs are and how much time you will need to fulfill your service.
  • Births are highly unpredictable and can fluctuate in time commitment. Some might be a few hours while others might take days.
  • When deciding to pursue birth photography, consider hiring a second shooter. Then you will both have flexibility and can have coverage for your clients in case a birth happens at an unexpected time.
  • If you market birth photography correctly it can be as much of an emotional sale, if not more, as a wedding.
  • Make sure you do your homework before jumping into a birth session. You will likely need permission from the doctors, hospital or birthing center where your client will be a patient. You don’t want to be figuring these important details out in the middle of an already high-intensity birth scenario.

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