311: Bryan and Rob – How to use persuasion effectively so you can convert more sales

Episode #311: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (26 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Sales and persuasion
  2. positively selling
  3. moving towards action
  4. why people buy

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • We use persuasion in our everyday lives. Yet, people often feel as though selling their clients is manipulative.
  • There are positive ways that persuasion and sales can help you and your clients.
  • If you know you are the best fit for a customer and you are confident in your skillset, you may be doing your client a disservice by not converting the sale.
  • If you can’t sell your clients on your services, then your business may just be a hobby.
  • It’s so important to understand why your ideal clients buy. They need to feel like they are getting something for their money and that you are solving a problem for them.
  • People make decisions by seeing the emotional value first, they then back it up with logical reasoning.
  • Communicate to your clients about what their lives can become if they work with you. A framed photo on the wall isn’t just that. It’s about how the photo makes them feel. Sell the dream.
  • When communicating with clients, get them to answer in the affirmative. Negative language will steer them away from the sale.
  • Persuasion is not manipulation if done correctly. Persuasion is guiding a conversation towards a goal.
  • Acknowledge your client’s concerns ahead of time. Knock down the walls and build empathy so they feel comfortable moving forward with you.

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