304: Kerstin Pressler – Understanding your process so you can execute with intention

Episode #304: Interview with Kerstin Pressler (29 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Laying your foundation
  2. make mistakes
  3. boundaries and constraints
  4. evaluate and strategize

Kerstin Pressler

Fine Artist, Mentor

Kerstin Pressler is a fine artist, living a creative life for nearly a decade. She’s a mentor to visual creatives who strive to live their creative passion without suffering financially. She is a role model to visual creatives that seek to combine their creative passion with entrepreneurialism. You can usually find her in her studio, where she’s creating new artworks daily.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Lay your foundation and understand your process first
  • Executing a project with intention
  • The importance of planning out your strategy thoughtfully
  • Even when you’re excited to be creative, take the time to learn to walk before you run
  • You will make mistakes through trial and error. It’s how you learn from you’re your mistakes, pivot and grow that makes the difference.
  • Take time to mind map your needs and figure out how they are connected
  • Don’t forget to evaluate your personal and financial life as these both affect your business
  • Once you have your life mapped out, you can see what areas need improvement
  • Put boundaries and constraints on your time
  • Taking a step back to strategize your business will in turn help you be more creative and attract better clients

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