303: Bryan and Rob – How to navigate the changes in an evolving photography landscape

Episode #303: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Observing and analyzing
  2. anticipating trends
  3. shifting your mindset
  4. creative vs. business evolution

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Looking at the changes happening in the photography business
  • Observing and analyzing the industry to be on top of the next changes to come
  • Putting your time and energies into the right places to see big changes in your business
  • How to stay on top of the consumer trends that are transforming the industry
  • How the most photographed generation actually enjoys photographs the least
  • Altering your mindset to observe how traditional photographers can continue to be successful
  • We are seeing similarities to the creative shift from film to digital years ago
  • Paying more attention to this emerging business shift and how to stay ahead of it
  • Smartphones have made photography more at peoples’ fingertips
  • Realizing that your business is about the customer, not about you

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  • Doug Mattice says:

    Loved your podcast today on Navigating the changes in a evolving photography landscape! Can’t wait to hear more on how to handle this upcoming tidal wave! Appreciate the hard work you guys do to put on a great podcast weekly.

  • Tim Evans says:

    Turns out that I have been thinking about this change as well. What I foresee is that print products are getting less and less valuable in the eyes of the customer. Just look at society . . . we prefer email over “snail mail.” We prefer ebooks over bound books on paper. Schools even now have e-textbooks.I never carry cash–I’m happy for all my transactions to be electronic. We are lessening the value of anything that is physical. The customers that have grown up completely in this digital world simply aren’t going to see the value in printed photographs. We do because we grew up in a completely tangible world or in the middle of the digital revolution. But the clients that value that large print are getting fewer and fewer.

  • Ryan Talbot says:

    We all need to raise our digital pics rates dramatically. If the trend is that clients want digital pictures and to share them on social platforms then we as photogs need to agree to raise the prices. If you can’t sell prints as easy than what else can be done. Thanks for a great podcast

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