302: Mike Lloyd – How to overcome your fears and find your true passion

Episode #302: Interview with Mike Lloyd (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Finding your passion
  2. getting more creative
  3. battling your fears
  4. attracting the right clients

Mike Lloyd

Conceptual Portrait Photographer

Mike is a conceptual portrait photographer from Silicon Valley, California. Having 7 years of professional experience, he has recently taken his photographer education program online to share his knowledge with photographers from around the world. Photogs Unite! was born.

Mike got his start doing creative portraits, exploring all kinds of artistic techniques, focusing on getting the shot in camera, rather than relying on extensive Photoshop manipulation. He’s covered clients in paint, glitter, mud, flowing fabric, and his team of hair stylists and makeup artists transform people in ways they’ve never imagined. Fearing there was no sustainable market for this kind of photography outside of the commercial fashion world, Mike spent a few years shooting more traditional portraits with just a little artistic flair. After losing interest in photographing people that way, he dove head first back into the conceptual work and is now known in the Bay Area for his unique style and artistic take on ‘regular’ people.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Finding your passion so you can enjoy what you do
  • When to say no to the wrong clients
  • Using your creativity to express yourself fully in your work
  • Finding ways to overcome your fears
  • Using in person consultations to manage client relationships
  • Taking the time to get to know your clients so you can shoot them in ways they never thought possible
  • When you are passionate about your work it will show through to your clients
  • Exploring creative outlets to enhance your work
  • Clients will go the extra mile to work with you if they can see your passion
  • Find the clients that you clique with and they will stick around

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