300: Andrew Hellmich – Using Facebook Ads to book more sessions and build your portfolio

Episode #300: Interview with Andrew Hellmich (38 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Using Facebook Ads for Marketing
  2. booking more sessions
  3. building your portfolio
  4. closing more sales

Andrew Hellmich

Podcaster, Facebook Ads Pro

Andrew has been shooting professionally for almost 20 years and focuses mainly on weddings and portraits. He’s lives and works on the east coat of Australia where he and Linda, his wife, run Impact Images with the help of a studio assistant and multiple associate shooters.

A few years ago, Andrew started Photo Biz Xposed – a business-focused, interview-based podcast to help photographers become more successful, more profitable and better at the business side of things. After 200+ interviews with the world’s best photographers and a members group like no other, the success stories from listeners are just fantastic.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Using Facebook Ads to reach your target audience
  • Basic marketing tools that have the potential to generate qualified leads
  • How to booking free sessions can turn into paid work
  • How to screen potential clients for maximum payoff
  • Building you portfolio by testing out new gear, locations, style
  • Securing additional print and product sales from a simple free session
  • Monitoring lead volume, reach and engagement
  • Using Facebook to build relationships with potential clients
  • How to filter through your sales funnel
  • Using tools like landing pages and questionnaires to get to know your potential clients

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