299: Bryan and Rob – Discuss how to create magic moments for your clients – Part 1

Episode #299: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (27 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Mapping out customer journey
  2. creating magic moments
  3. why first impressions are key
  4. customer relationship management

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Timeless business principles that can be applied to photography
  • Intentionally mapping out your customer’s journey
  • How to predict the expectations of your clients
  • How to create magic moments of unexpected joy
  • Realizing how important first impressions are
  • Using a same day album to create delight and surprise for wedding clients
  • Offering framing and hanging services add extra value and additional revenue streams
  • Maintaining detailed customer relationship management notes to anticipate future client needs
  • Print order unveiling creates curiosity and delight for your clients
  • Same day sticky albums for wedding clients

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