296: Kirk Mastin – Building a personal brand that attracts the perfect clients

Episode #296: Interview with Kirk Mastin (34 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Branding Matters the Most
  2. building a unique brand
  3. the “whale” story
  4. filmborn the app

Kirk Mastin

Photographic Tools App Creator

Leveraging over 16 years of photographic experience, Kirk is focused on making film emulation tools for professional digital photographers with his company Mastin Labs. His current projects include creating pushed film look emulations and growing his camera app Filmborn, named one of Apple’s ‘New Apps We love.’
Kirk has worked for the New York Times, Aurora Photos, the Associated Press and many other photo distribution networks nationwide. In addition to national editorial work Kirk created a thriving commercial photography business in Seattle WA.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Why branding is so important for a photographer
  • Giving special attention to what you put up online
  • Why you should never flash yourself with mediocrity
  • The secret of the legendary Ansel Adams
  • Why you are only as good as your best work
  • Getting your voice as a photographer
  • You need to have something unique to stand out
  • How to figure out what you want to be
  • Ways you can learn about photography even outside of it
  • The Whale Story (turns out to be the best client)
  • How to attract the best clients
  • How his app “Filmborn” came to life

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