Creating with emotion and trust

Episode #291: Interview with Abigail and Andy Lydick (31 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Telling the Story
  2. perspective
  3. inspiring experiences
  4. trust and relationships

Abigail and Andy Lydick

Husband and Wife Photography Team

Hi! We’re Abigail and Andy. We’re a husband and wife photography team and best friends. We are obsessed with tacos, antiquing, and Sci-Fi Movies. You might be wondering if Gingerale is our last name. Don’t worry, we get that a lot! The real story behind the name comes from a nickname that Abigail acquired early on. Her middle name is Ginger and the nickname “Abigail Gingerale” just stuck.

In addition to being wedding photographers in New Jersey and absolutely loving our jobs, our family is, by far, our greatest passion. Our daughter, Lucy, is our captivating little girl who is always ready for her close up. When we aren’t working, we are having pillow fights with our little Lucy Lou. You might also find us teaching Lucy how to catch Pokémon while simultaneously reliving our childhood dreams of being Pokémon trainers. When we’re not chasing after our little bundle of energy, we are being inspired by our amazing couples who allow us to capture fantastic moments in their lives.

We started this business because we’re passionate about serving and loving people by providing the best experience available to clients today. We believe that natural, REAL moments are the moments you’ll want to remember the most. When we tell your story, you will be able to look through the pictures from your big day and feel every single emotion all over again.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Using your personal story to connect with your clients.
  • Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes.
  • Understanding how your clients’ perceive their images and their overall photographic experience.
  • Using personal experiences to inspire your craft.
  • Not letting photography skills and techniques distract you from capturing moments and telling the story.
  • Relationships as the base of all good businesses.
  • Creating an environment of trust.

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