Getting work/life balance figured out

Episode #290: Interview with Andy & Amii Kauth (34 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Setting Deadlines
  2. business mode vs. family mode
  3. planning for balance
  4. designing your business

Andy & Amii Kauth

Rad Wedding Photographers, Authors & Educators

Andy & Amii are rad wedding photographers (Sunshine & Reign Photography), based out of Arizona, USA. They’re authors and educators for SLR Lounge, married with cinco niños, and love the heck outta each other. And they absolutely love being wedding photographers. Absolutely love it!

They work their asses off to tell couples’ love stories in the most epic and creative ways and are known for shooting upwards of 15-7 hours on a wedding day. When they aren’t photographing weddings or writing about photographing weddings (SLR Lounge, Arizona Weddings Magazine, and a number of other websites and blogs like Design Aglow and Resource Weddings), you’ll find them off on a seriously legit adventure with their little ones, lifting weights in their garage, refining their archery skills, or surfing every chance they get. And on the rare chance they escape off on a “date night”? They’ll find a wedding to crash (true fact).

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Figuring out what work/life balance looks like for you.
  • Balancing children, blogging and shooting.
  • Setting deadlines for yourself and sticking to them.
  • When working with a team, figure out who does what, assign roles and play to each others’ strengths.
  • Have systems and processes to keep yourself on track.
  • Being in business mode vs. staying out of business mode while you are with your family.
  • Turning off notifications on your phone and finding other ways to keep an eye on your business.
  • Having daily routines and sticking to your personal schedule.
  • Not letting tasks get away from you, or take up more time than they need to.
  • Planning for work/life balance.
  • Designing and developing your business plan around your life plan as it evolves.

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