How to build an irresistible website

Episode #289: Interview with Jenika McDavitt (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Online Presence
  2. understanding your message
  3. self selling
  4. connecting with visitors

Jenika McDavitt

Industry Expert in the Psychology of Photography

Jenika started a photography business while earning a master’s degree in psychology. When she realized how much of her psychology training she used day to day simply running a business and caring for clients, she couldn’t keep all that good stuff to herself.

She founded Psychology for Photographers to teach fellow artists how clients think and behave, and how to find more peace and clarity in their businesses. Psychology for Photographers has won multiple awards and helps thousands of small business owners learn to write persuasively, design effective websites, and walk through their own fears and challenges along a path many never thought they’d take. Come take a free class or browse the blog!

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Auditing your online presence.
  • Understanding who you are talking to through your website.
  • Understanding the behaviour of clients and how people find you.
  • Why you should hire a photographer and put yourself in your clients’ shoes.
  • How to do proper market research.
  • Properly separating different brands on your website.
  • Effective website selling by addressing the visitor’s concerns.
  • How you can get over the idea of “selling”, and rather position photography as helping to give someone what they need.
  • Questions to ask yourself to make sure your homepage is doing its job.
  • How to greet people when they get to your site.
  • Why you should start with your main message first.
  • You main message should be reinforced by your portfolio, not the other way around.
  • If you don’t know who your audience is, how can you write to them? (Hint- you need to know.)
  • Where to start with writing your “about” page.
  • Why you should picture your “audience” as 1 person and speak to them.
  • What type of information you should share in your “bio”.
  • Basics of building a great website.
  • How your website is there to show how you help that visitor’s problems.
  • Creating connections with the visitor while they are on your webpage.

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