288: Dennis Walker – Breaking down your post-production workflow

Episode #288: Interview with Dennis Walker (25 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Workflows
  2. efficiency
  3. consistency
  4. templates & shortcuts

Dennis Walker

Founder of Camera Bits & Photo Mechanic

Dennis Walker is the President and Founder of Camera Bits. He started the company in 1996 after his initial exposure to digital photography at his previous job showed him a need for improved image quality and workflow solutions.

Prior to founding Camera Bits, Dennis worked in the field of neural networks and was co-author of the award winning game Dungeon Master. He then started working with digital pioneers, Kodak and Minolta, to vastly accelerate the RAW processing and image quality of their early attempts at digital cameras for working professionals.  Dennis initially focused on image quality issues such as color artifacts and high ISO noise-reduction, creating Photoshop filter plug-ins to solve these difficult problems. Dennis released the first version of Photo Mechanic in 1998. An instant classic was born. Because everyone in the photojournalism business used IPTC standards, Dennis also became an accidental expert on metadata, incorporating tools like batch captioning and variables in Photo Mechanic to simplify and expand the application and usage of metadata in photography. Photo Mechanic isn’t just for photojournalists; its speed and organizational tools now help all professional photographers work faster and more efficiently. For 19 years and counting, Photo Mechanic remains the go-to software for professional photographers around the world.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Where the idea for Photo Mechanic came from.
  • Examining your workflow to make it more efficient.
  • File naming, culling, and meta data best practices.
  • Warnings about buying the latest and greatest software and products.
  • Learning about workflows by observing other photographers.
  • The importance of learning keyboard shortcuts in any software to improve efficiency.
  • Consistency is key when working with others.
  • Setting up templates and shortcuts per type of photography you do.
  • Hidden powerful secrets of using Photo Mechanic.
  • Bryan’s workflow tips when using Photo Mechanic.

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