Being proactive in your communications and focusing on giving a great customer experience

Episode #287: Interview with Keri Meyers (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Setting Expectations
  2. being proactive vs. reactive
  3. communicating value
  4. suggestive selling

Keri Meyers

Newborn Photographer & Industry Expert

Phoenix, Arizona based, Keri Meyers, has had a successful newborn photography business since 2008. She is an industry expert with a unique and classic style that has greatly impacted the newborn photography industry worldwide. Keri is a mom, wife and entrepreneur. She has photographed newborns all across the country, and mentored photographers from all over the world on the art of posed newborn photography through her workshops.

Keri also the cofounder (with partner Jennifer Blakeley), a supportive environment for newborn photographers to meet, share images and stories, learn from one another – and most importantly unite the industry as a whole and market the importance of hiring a professional newborn photographer.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • On being a “guide” for your clients.
  • The importance of setting expectations.
  • Breaking down the mountain of pre-existing expectations and educating your clients.
  • How to really connect with your clients on social media.
  • Being proactive vs. reactive with your clients.
  • How to build your proactive communications schedule.
  • How to layer in some “sales” language naturally in your communication.
  • How to communicate about value before value is seen.
  • In-person sales vs. online sales, which is better?
  • The importance of visual showcasing.
  • How to use suggestive selling in your photography business.
  • How to collect ideas from clients and find out what they’re really looking for.

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