Understanding how to give value to your clients

Episode #284: Interview with Siva Haran (32 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Customer Experience Redefined
  2. finding ideal clients
  3. communicating value
  4. being vulnerable

Siva Haran

Award-winning Wedding Photographer and Educator

Siva is an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer who is sought after for his style of imagery that transports the every-day into incredible. His ability to create beautiful masterpieces anywhere has garnered him over 50 international awards including becoming the first South Asian photographer to be called Top 10 in the world by Fearless Photographers. As a business graduate, cancer survivor and new father; Siva is thrilled by new challenges and adventures, may they be on the road, behind a lens or over a diaper change table.

Siva has also been working hard on becoming an effective educator within the industry via his bi-annual workshops, which are now in their 3rd year, and all proceeds go towards building a private school for underprivileged teens in Toronto, Canada.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Understanding where a customer finds value.
  • Why focusing on the customer experience is such an important part of your business.
  • Why awards, conventions and workshops may not move you forward like you think they will.
  • The business vs. legacy framework.
  • ‘Selling’ at a meet and greet vs. trying to understand if someone is your ideal client and developing rapport.
  • Having intention, goals, strategy and then tactics.
  • Why authenticity is important.
  • Creating and connecting values and desire.
  • What your brand needs to be.
  • Vulnerability and the role it can play in your branding.
  • What your marketing should be doing.
  • Why you should probe and go deeper when speaking with your clients.
  • The difference between listening and actually hearing.

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