How you can transition into the luxury wedding market

Episode #282: Interview with Marc Anthony and Tony Ryan (34 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Transitioning Markets
  2. alienating clients
  3. throwing out assumptions
  4. expectations & reputation

Marc Anthony and Tony Ryan

Wedding & Portrait Photography Team

Marc and Tony are recognized internationally as one of the top wedding and portrait photography teams. Their images have been featured in publications around the world including People, US Weekly and Hello! magazines, as well as industry publications and several books.

Marc, an award winning photographer, and Tony, a creative director, are two different artists with different points of view and talents. They collaborate together as a team on every project they photograph.

Marc and Tony’s unique approach to photography and storytelling result in a signature style of imagery. They fuse classic elements and modern style with inspirations of vintage fashion, and a contemporary edge of glamour, to create artistic, timeless images.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Transitioning from a high-volume to a high-end photography business.
  • Evolving your clientele.
  • Why it’s ok to alienate and lose some of your clients.
  • The importance of educating your clients.
  • How to figure out how your time is best spent when balancing new clients and previous clients.
  • How to set expectations with your clients.
  • The importance of knowing your market.
  • Why and how you should be interviewing your clients.
  • Why your client may not be who you think they are.
  • Why you should throw out assumptions.
  • Balancing business and creativity.
  • Reaching the luxury market and how you can balance all that’s involved.
  • Why talking on the phone vs. typing in an email is better.
  • Why you might want to re-think texting your clients.

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