Marketing your photography business

Episode #278: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (32 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Strategy vs. Tactics
  2. targeted marketing
  3. intentional experimentation
  4. tailored messaging

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Thinking about marketing strategy versus marketing avenue or tactics.
  • How to see your marketing successes and failures, and use them as motivation instead of giving up.
  • What is marketing? (Message, Market, and Medium)
  • Ensuring all your marketing efforts are working together rather than against one another.
  • How to properly weigh your marketing options.
  • Marketing as experimentation with intent.
  • Knowing your target market as it effects your marketing.
  • What message should you be sending in your marketing?
  • Asking yourself “why me?”
  • Testing your marketing as it is applicable only to you and your brand/message.
  • Using the value pyramid to establish value in your marketing.
  • Polling your existing clients to find out what they actually want and think of you.
  • Learning not to make assumptions about your potential clients.
  • Tailoring your message to your ideal clients.
  • Conducting “transition”/”exit” interviews with your clients and potential clients.
  • The key to accelerated growth and sustainability is directly related to marketing.

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