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Episode #276: Interview with Trevor Dayley (1 hour and 16 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Customer Experience
  2. setting context
  3. increasing referrals
  4. exceeding expectations

Trevor Dayley

Wedding Photographer & Industry Educator

I have six amazing kids, been married to an incredible wife of 17 years and together we all live in sunny Arizona. I’ve been photographing weddings full time for the last 9 years, and have taught numerous workshops throughout the world, spoke at a number of photo conferences and for the last year have been helping MagMod spread the word about their incredibly fast, easy and awesome Speedlite modifiers.

I love sharing with others in the photo industry and helping out wherever I can so we all continue growing together!

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Focusing on the customer experience over your photography.
  • The importance of remembering people’s names.
  • Tips on how to remember people’s names.
  • Setting the context in the morning of a wedding day.
  • Why you should consider not basing your wedding day coverage on a set number of hours.
  • The importance of same-day slideshows.
  • How to build a relationship with coordinators and wedding planners.
  • How to increase your likelihood of getting referrals.
  • How you can exceed expectations of other wedding pros on the wedding day.
  • Why we shouldn’t think of ourselves as photographers first and how you can think of your clients first.
  • The importance of reading books.

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