How to upgrade your customer experience by having a coworking space, without breaking the bank

Episode #274: Interview with Jennifer Emery (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Studio Space
  2. community
  3. scheduling
  4. sharing economy

Jennifer Emery

Award-Winning Photographer and Industry Educator

Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an award winning photographer, educator, published author and Interfit Photographic Brand Ambassador located in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in Commercial Portrait, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle Photography & Motion, and has worked as an Adjunct Photography Professor a Santa Monica Community College. She conducts various photography workshops and speaking engagements across the nation including “Canon Live Learning” Seminars, workshops at Los Angeles Center of Photography, and will be speaking at WPPI 2017 with a Photo-Walk and a Mermaid ShootOut. Look for her Amherst Media book “Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography”, on Amazon, and an upcoming book on Conceptual Nude Photography, due June 2017.

In an effort to support professional and emerging photographers, Jennifer co-founded the “Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective”, of which she is an ongoing board member. ADLA Photo Collective is a photography coop shared studio space designed to support and advance the carries of already working professional photographers. She is also an Actor, Voiceover Artist, Screenwriter, and Indi-Producer/Director.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The different options for “working” space as a photographer.
  • Why a co-op space might work well if you aren’t ready to buy/lease a studio yourself.
  • Why you may not need a physical studio space, and what you can do to still appear professional.
  • Why working in a vacuum sometimes isn’t as productive or effective as you would expect.
  • Why having a commercial space is a benefit to you as a photographer vs. meeting at a coffee shop or shooting at your home.
  • Why it may make sense to look out of your niche to find a photographer to partner with.
  • How you can vary portfolios/display prints to show off your work instead of focusing on someone else’s work.
  • How you can do a co-op space and still have signage advertising you and your business.
  • Why sharing a space with a non-photographer may be a good idea, too.
  • The benefit of the “sharing economy” today.
  • How much a typical shooting/meeting space today may cost vs. what it would cost if you did a co-op space.
  • Why sharing equipment makes sense from a financial perspective.
  • What to consider when opening a space, including things like insurance, logistics, etc.
  • What to put into a written agreement for a co-op space.
  • How you can start your own co-op space.
  • How to find other photographers to collaborate and build a community with.
  • Structuring roles, responsibilities, and auties for managing/running the co-op space
  • What the ideal number of photographers is in a co-op space.
  • How to co-ordinate schedules between all the photographers using a co-op space.

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