Using slideshows to create impact

Episode #272: Interview with Daniel Usenko (32 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Slideshows
  2. emotional impact
  3. choosing music
  4. storytelling

Daniel Usenko

Wedding Photographer & Co-founder of Pixellu

I have documented weddings through photography and videography for 15 years. I have been fortunate to win awards, teach internationally, and even produce a 13-hour tutorial DVD that was sold in over 50 countries.

Several years ago my developer friend and I co-founded Pixellu with a dream to build amazing tools for photographers. In 2013, in a small garage, we launched our first product – SmartAlbums. It is not an understatement to say that SmartAlbums changed the album industry for the better, saving photographers hours of time. Very quickly our team grew to 25, serving thousands of photographers all over the world.

Now, thanks to the support of our customers and the hard work of our team, we are launching a new product – SmartSlides. Just like our first product changed the way albums are designed, we are sure the SmartSlides will change the way slideshows are made.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Why are slideshows important?
  • Sending a slideshow in addition to the gallery or blog post to increase exposure of your images.
  • Choosing the music for your slideshow, to create the emotional impact you are looking for.
  • Having control over the viewing experience with a viewing session or blog post which tells the story vs. a slideshow.
  • The difference of the customer experience between slideshows, galleries, blog posts, etc.
  • The importance of curating a set of images for our clients.
  • The role of storytelling as the photographer.
  • Trying to find and select licensed music.
  • The benefit of slideshows for your business.
  • Should you charge for slideshows, or offer it as a bonus for your clients, etc.?
  • Using slideshows as a teaser of their images.
  • The difference between a video and an HTML 5 slideshow, and why HTML 5 is the way to go
  • Testing out the adoption of a new product like slideshows with your clients.

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