In-person wedding album collaboration & design

Episode #268: Interview with James Day (44 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Albums
  2. setting expectations
  3. collaborative design
  4. hands-on clients

James Day

Australia-Based Wedding Photographer

An Aussie photographer who delivered an album on the same day, a guy who was pushed in the pool while photographing a wedding – with camera in hand, and a dude who is way too obsessed with his lawn.

“I’m just a big idiot who gets way too excited about light, connection and spending time with people who love each other. Oh… and I love bow ties.”

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The importance of albums, and being able to communicate this to your clients.
  • The intent and purpose and “why” you are offering albums.
  • Don’t do what you’re supposed to do, do what you want to do and create your business around that.
  • The process of in-person album sales and design.
  • Setting proper expectations and showing proper samples to sell the album.
  • Delivering delight and surprise after a large purchase.
  • Making it easy to upgrade an album and being clear with pricing up front.
  • Hitting your clients with a “double-whammy”, but a modest 10% difference in experience.
  • Letting your client design their own album, but gently guiding them along the way.
  • Securing your client’s album investment by making them hands-on.
  • Constantly reminding yourself about why you are in business and in the photography industry.
  • Why it is important to track your business data to know what direction your business is going in.
  • James’ advice: never skimp out on the time you spend with, or on, your clients.

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