The business of retouching

Episode #267: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (28 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Retouching Proofs
  2. setting expectations
  3. matching your brand
  4. retouching costs

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • To retouch or not retouch?
  • What level of correction on digitals is required?
  • Communicating and educating the client to set proper digitals expectations.
  • Intention of use for digital images versus level of retouching.
  • Photography as the art form vs. retouching as the art form.
  • Matching the level of retouching to your style, brand, and niche.
  • Not wasting your time retouching images which will never be printed.
  • Calculating how much retouching costs you in all your packages and products.
  • Making your business about the experience in addition to the images.
  • Connecting with your ideal clients means connecting with clients who align with you and your brand.

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