261: Jose Rosado – Emotional intelligence and meaningful conversation

Episode #261: Interview with Jose Rosado (52 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Taking Risks
  2. asking questions
  3. creating an environment
  4. being adaptable

Jose Rosado

Photographer, Writer, Educator & Podcaster

A recent Philadelphia transplant, Jose is a photographer/writer & all around creative—serving as host of The Angry Millennial Show, writer for various brands and blogs & an adjunct professor at various local colleges. As an entrepreneur himself, he also serves on the board for The GroundFloor, a co-working space & incubator based out of Havre de Grace.

Another personal endeavor near to him, Creatives Against Depression, is an initiative helping raise awareness for mental health among people in the creative arts and starting a larger conversation letting people who are struggling know they are not alone.

Jose received his Bachelors & MBA from Iona College in New York and currently resides in the greater Baltimore area with his girlfriend and two kids.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Jose’s journey from full-time photography, into having a family and wanting a “steady paycheque” and “9-5”.
  • The question to ask yourself, “is this working?” and the importance of what you do with the answer.
  • “Diving deep” with your conversations, and understanding the first 15-20 minutes in any situation, everyone will be wary.
  • Why taking risks, and asking the right questions makes a world of difference when building relationships.
  • Playing on your strong suits, knowing you weaknesses, and designing your interaction with others around your strengths.
  • How to create an environment to get your clients and people in general to open up to you.
  • Being genuine and actually caring about the other individual.
  • Listening and grabbing the right things out of conversation.
  • Don’t go into conversations with a strict agenda, you have to be able to adapt to the flow of a conversation.
  • Don’t cut your conversations short.
  • Harness your emotions to be able to better relate to other human beings.
  • In summary: Care, be a fan first, be relatable, be able to adapt, be a risk taker, and be conscientious.

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