Being a photographer as being bigger than yourself

Episode #258: Interview with Ben Chernivsky (33 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Being Your Best
  2. conquering fear
  3. multi-photographer brands
  4. the "what ifs"

Ben Chernivsky

Founder of Gifyyy & Wedding Photographer

Born and raised in Chicago, Ben explored the world before specializing as a full-time wedding photographer in 2011. Ben spent 9 years at 3 colleges working through undergrad degrees in photography, journalism, creative writing, and global studies. After working as a freelance photojournalist for a few years, and shortly after getting married in 2010, Ben started a full-time wedding photography studio. In 2015 he became a father to a beautiful little girl, and he started a photo booth technology business called Gifyyy, a new and unique approach to the traditional photo booth. In 2016 he started mentoring aspiring and professional photographers.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Wanting to be the best wedding photographer ever vs. trying to be your best.
  • The mindset shift from trying to inspire yourself to helping inspire others.
  • Conquering your fears and personal objections as being key to growing.
  • Understanding crazy ideas are not always crazy.
  • Working with a multi-photographer brand and training them to fit your brand.
  • The hiring process when working with a team of photographers.
  • How do you know if your studio is ready to bring on more photographers?
  • What needs to happen before taking on more photographers.
  • The steps to take when first starting a multi-photographer studio.
  • What does running a business mean to you?
  • Always being prepared for the “what ifs”.
  • Business is not a talent – it is something that you learn.
  • No one else can replicate your business or your talent.

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