Giving value to the printed product in a digital age

Episode #253: Interview with Katie O'Neill (31 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Education & Networking
  2. commoditization of photography
  3. sample prints
  4. the "digitals question"

Katie O'Neill

Professional Services Rep GTA Imaging

Katie O’Neill is the newest member of the GTA Family, having started in February 2016. She is also a photography business owner and completed her schooling with the Durham College Photography program. In her role of Sales and Customer Service, Katie handles all new customer accounts, product inquiries and acts as a liaison between customers and GTA to ensure that they have all the information they need to make an informed choice about the products they want to sell to their clients.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Deciding whether or not to attend formal education for photography.
  • The benefits of going back to school, even after already being a practicing professional photographer.
  • Networking within the industry and growing together.
  • Seeing the reaction when handing over physical products.
  • Cheapening the true value of photography by storing images on your phone or on a USB.
  • Convincing clients not to store your images the same way they store their own images.
  • The way the print has been commoditized in today’s society.
  • The power of having sample albums and prints to show your clients.
  • Encouraging your clients to see these products as heirlooms.
  • Comparing a professional print to a consumer print.
  • Getting to the bottom of the “digitals question”.
  • Helping your clients get the highest quality prints that they deserve vs. trying to “sell” them.

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