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Episode #251: Interview with Christopher Becker (30 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Putting in Effort
  2. drive vs. real life
  3. inventing vs. innovating
  4. open to learning

Christopher Becker

Wedding Photographer & Industry Educator

Becker is a 20 year veteran of the wedding photography industry and he’s been been a photographer since 1989. He specializes in capturing relaxed portraits and real moments for the coolest couples on the planet and is also dedicated to helping his fellow photographers elevate their game. His personal motto is: “I want to help others become the best versions of themselves, while I continue to evolve and grow into the best me I can [ b ]”. Becker moonlights as a motivational speaker, a wannabe professional poker player and a weight loss coach.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The reality of the abundance of resources for photography education but lack of action amongst photographers.
  • Putting in the effort required for real changes in your business.
  • The power of desire, drive and ambition vs. the interruptions of real life.
  • How to figure out where to focus your efforts when building your business.
  • The importance of building relationships within the industry as it affects your business growth.
  • Knowing something is one thing, but actually DOING it is another.
  • Inventing vs. innovating.
  • Keeping your work fresh and relevant while still delivering your expected style.
  • Being open to learning even when you are no longer new or “green”.

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