Are your thoughts controlling your success?

Episode #240: Interview with Kim Ades (37 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Uncovering Core Beliefs
  2. journalling
  3. answering why not
  4. challenging your mindset

Kim Ades

Thought Mastery Coach

Kim Ades is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery. An executive coach and popular speaker, Kim works exclusively with highly driven, accomplished executives, leading entrepreneurs and high level professionals in their respective fields. Working with high profile individuals who have already achieved success in some areas of their lives, Kim uses the unique Frame of Mind Coaching process to ignite significant change and life transformation.

Kim lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and five incredible children. For her, family is paramount, and this priority remains at the core of all her endeavours.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Your thinking is the core of every experience you have, and affects the results you achieve in business.
  • Removing business boundaries with the internet.
  • Mindset vs. affirmations.
  • What you believe to be “true” dominates your belief and success.
  • Uncovering the core of your belief about things like ‘sales’ and changing your train of thought one step at a time.
  • Making a conscious decision to change your mindset about the aspects that are troubling your business.
  • How to make use of journalling to jump-start positive change.
  • The trilogy of journalling questions that you need to consciously answer to start the process of transformation.
  • Remembering what you want, or what you wanted for yourself when you started your business.
  • Digging deeper than surface level and answering the question “why not”.
  • Paralysis by comparison to other photographers.
  • Challenging your own beliefs.

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