Taking photography business workflows one step at a time

Episode #238: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Designing Workflows
  2. optimization
  3. staying motivated
  4. conquering fear

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The need for organization in your photography business.
  • The different types of workflows you can have for your business.
  • Why do you need to have workflows?
  • Workflows as a system to optimize any specific section of your business.
  • Battling your resistance to change to improve efficiency by making small incremental improvements.
  • Not forcing yourself to reinvent the wheel, but adapting proven systems.
  • Avoiding procrastination by enforcing your own workflows and systems.
  • Justifying the time it takes to lay out and create these systems and workflows.
  • Testing and trying out different workflows to decide what’s best.
  • How to stay motivated and set realistic expectations when starting the design process.
  • Breaking your business into workable “chunks”.
  • The workflow for conquering the fear of setting up workflows.
  • Thinking of your workflows in your business as putting one foot in front of the other, taking one step at a time.
  • What you can learn about being an adult running a successful business from kids.

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