Is blogging dead?

Episode #237: Interview with Christine Tremoulet (42 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Context for Connection
  2. recycling your posts
  3. building relationships
  4. brand & blog consistency

Christine Tremoulet

Blogger & Business Coach

Christine Tremoulet is a business coach who has blogged for 15 years. She named WordPress back in 2003, and attributes blogging for her professional photography business success. Her goal for all of her clients is helping them grow their confidence and see themselves the way the world sees them. She believes in the power of using your authentic voice and storytelling to help you stand out to clients in a crowded market.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Building content on the land that you own.
  • Allowing your clients to get to know you deeper through your blog.
  • Giving your clients context for connection.
  • Injecting more than just photography in the customer experience.
  • Building a long term relationship through your blog.
  • Designing your client life cycle as it relates to the timing of your blog.
  • Using email lists and designated marketing campaigns.
  • Treating your blog as your library.
  • Engaging a conversation on rented land, but maintaining the communication on land you own.
  • Recycling blog posts on social media.
  • Building a deeper relationship with your clients through your blog.
  • Focusing your efforts on the readership that matters.
  • Doing what makes sense for you in your type of photography/client.
  • Consistency between your brand, blog and customer experience.
  • Being clear in what you want to say/are saying to the world.

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  • Terry says:

    I think this topic sometimes comes down to guys vs girls, at least to an extent. I personally would rather shoot myself in the foot then spend my time reading someone’s blog posts all about their lives. My wife on the other hand loves doing that. And the women are usually the decision makers when it comes to photography.

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