How to run your photography business as a business

Episode #227: Interview with Laura Novak Meyer (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Value Exchange
  2. investment capital
  3. scalable infrastructure
  4. getting financing

Laura Novak Meyer

CEO/Founder of Little Nest Portraits & Passionate Entrepreneur


Her fresh sensibility and talent for putting clients at ease led to a successful business and ample recognition in the media and within the photography industry. But all of the success left her lacking. As much as she loved photographing clients, she had other passions that she couldn’t address as a solo entrepreneur, including mentoring new talent and fostering creative community.

She also saw a missing element in the photography marketplace. Social photography was breaking new boundaries, thanks to real-time sharing via Pinterest, tumblr and Instagram. But for families with children who wanted high quality, modern, unique imagery, the options were limited to either mass-market chain studios that prized volume over ambiance, or extremely expensive custom photo sessions only available to a small percentage of families.


A boutique photography studio that offered stellar imagery in a relaxed atmosphere, where families could slow down and enjoy the experience.  A committed team of artists with the common goal of capturing clients’ stories in a collaborative, creative atmosphere. An artistic philosophy that blended classic portraiture technique with spontaneity and emotion. On these premises, Little Nest was born. Little Nest Portraits has expanded into a national brand, while always keeping those core values at heart.

Today, Little Nest Portraits is the lucky recipient of regular praise from our studio guests and noteworthy buzz in the national press.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How to systematize an independent photography business to run itself.
  • How not to feel like a slave to your business.
  • Getting over the mindset that it’s “my work”, “no one has my vision”, etc. and thinking about it more as a personal service.
  • Focusing on the value exchange in your photography business.
  • Selling yourself versus selling photography as an experience.
  • The path to take when designing your business model and setting goals when getting started.
  • Bootstrapping vs. investment capital in starting a photography business.
  • Having scalable infrastructure as the backbones to your business.
  • What type of financing you may need when getting started.
  • Return on investment and return on capital.
  • Sounding professional when seeking financing.
  • Don’t be intimidated from pursuing your dream, take things step by step, day by day, setting yourself up for success with intention.
  • What are the reference and measurement points to know whether you are on track in your business, and looking at the reasons behind the numbers.
  • More about Little Nest Portraits.

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