223: Mario Masitti – Instagram Marketing for Photographers

Episode #223: Interview with Mario Masitti (33 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Considering Instagram
  2. social media advertising
  3. building an online community
  4. traditional marketing tactics

Mario Masitti

Portrait Photographer & Industry Mentor

Mario Masitti is a full-time portrait photographer & business coach who splits his time between Los Angeles & Denver photographing High School Seniors and mentoring photographers.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Why you should consider Instagram advertising.
  • The organic reach of Instagram.
  • The transformation of the hashtag.
  • Help with your Instagram content strategy.
  • Joining your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts.
  • The best way to use the Instagram platform for photographers.
  • The impact of having a specific landing page for potential clients clicking through your ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Building a community on Instagram.
  • The power of “traditional” marketing tactics.

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  • Terry says:

    I’ve ran a few Instagram ads, they’ve worked good! Just thought I’d mention that Mario mentioned that your ad has to be 90 charachters, but you can actually have more, it’s just that is all they see unless they click that more button.

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