Finding balance when working with your spouse

Episode #220: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Bleu and Alison Cotton (37 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Family vs. Business
  2. respecting eachother
  3. sharing work
  4. setting guidelines

Bleu and Alison Cotton

Husband & Wife Photography Team

Bleu, Ali, and their team, pride themselves with a commitment to quality with each client they work with. With over 30 years of proven performance and results, they stand behind their product, archiving the essence of their clients.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How to find balance between your business and your home & family life.
  • Working out of your home.
  • Scheduling your business around your family obligations.
  • Dealing with the stress of working alongside your spouse and how to handle private disputes infront of clients.
  • Gaining and having respect for eachother’s skill set.
  • Learning and growing the business together.
  • Sharing the workload and having young children and families.
  • The importance of having alone time and how to not take it personally.
  • Challenges of bringing other family members into the business.
  • Setting (& sticking) to guidelines when spending time with your spouse as an entrepreneur.
  • Advice to couples already in business together or are thinking of getting into business together.

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