Sprouting Photographer Podcast is all about the business of photography. Episode #22 of the podcast features an interview with Peter Hurley.

Discussion topics include: being confident as a photographer, your personality and trying new things.

Show notes for episode #22 can be found at www.SproutingPhotographer.com/22

Peter Hurley began his career in front of the camera modeling for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. During this time, friend and mentor Bruce Weber encouraged him to pick up a camera and within six months Peter was able to book his first commercial job photographing shoes for Reebok. Due to his experience, technique and engaging personality, Peter has developed a forte of bringing out the best in his subjects. His talent has been shared with hundreds of photographers that have taken his workshop, “The Headshot Intensive,” and thousands that have purchased his DVD, “The Art Behind The Headshot.” He was recently featured in the New York Times and was invited by Scott Kelby to speak at the first Google+ Photographer Conference in San Francisco. His time spent shooting in the studio has inspired him to begin designing and developing his own line of photography gear called HURLEYPRO. Peter is most proud of the portraits he did for the New York exhibition of “The Vilcek Foundation Celebrates LOST” where he traveled to Hawaii to shoot the cast and crew as they wrapped up their final season. Peter currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and twin daughters.

Show notes

  • Peter’s history as a sailor training for the Olympics
  • Peter’s experience as a model for DKNY and Ralph Lauren
  • Peter’s educational products with the FStoppers team
  • The importance of creating a warm environment for our clients
  • Why “connection” is the last missing piece in creaing a great customer experience
  • Why we need to be 90% therapist, 10% photographer
  • Why we need to create an atmosphere for our clients
  • How you can refine your personality to give the best experience to our clients
  • How you can learn what works best for you with regards to the customer experience and how to repeat it
  • Peter’s advice on how you can find your own niche
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of trying something that you love
  • Peter’s process and approach to pricing
  • Why Peter offers one set of pricing to existing clients and another set of pricing to new clients
  • How and why it’s ok to reduce your prices if you reduce what you give for that price
  • Why it’s ok to be confident about your work
  • How the market will tell you whether your prices are too high or too low
  • Why you need to refine your work and the quality of your photography before you try to market yourself and increase your prices
  • Why your prices being too low might actually be detracting clients

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Action item:

Peter’s 3 inspiring pieces of advice:

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If it’s something that you truly have a passion for, then just put your head down and do it.

2. Consider offering existing clients a different set of prices than you do to new clients. You don’t have to establish the relationship, spend as much time getting to know them or making them feel comfortable because they already know what it’s like to work with you. Less time equals less money.

3. Focus more on you, your personality and your approach. Remember that you are really 90% therapist and 10% photographer.


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    Hello Sprouting photographer, please help here. I’d like to download episode 22 on my iPad but seems like the episode is no longer available. I’ve been enjoying a lot of your podcasts I must say, they are awesome, I’ve learnt a lot. Will definitely take some time to write a review on iTunes.

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