Location, location, location

Episode #217: Interview with Aron Goss (21 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Role of Location
  2. searching for locations
  3. planning with clients
  4. visual dynamics

Aron Goss

Photographer & Founder of Scoutt

Aron Goss is a Toronto based photographer and founder of Scoutt.com. Scoutt is the world’s largest location scouting website for photographers to find and share new locations around the world.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The importance location plays on your portrait sessions.
  • Pre-planning when scouting for a new location for a shoot.
  • Sharing your information, location, and images in public forums and making yourself stand out.
  • Best practices for planning location options with clients.
  • Nurturing your career built on visual dynamics which is greatly dependant on location.
  • Where to start when scouting potential photoshoot locations.

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